How To Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Rate, and is a measurement of how many people out of 100 click on your Facebook ad. The higher your CTR, the lower your cost per click and the further your advertising dollar goes. Watch the video below to find out how to increase the CTR of your Facebook ads in 3 easy steps!

3 Steps To A Higher Facebook CTR

1. Change Still Images To Video

Videos are taking over the internet and Facebook ads are no exception. As our attention spans decrease, our desire to consume information in video form increases. You can easily change your still images to videos through a number of tools – one of my favourite ones to use is Adobe Spark Post. 

Alternatively, platforms like Fiverr and Upworks are a great way to connect with experienced videographers who can make these changes for you at a reasonable cost.

Just making these changes alone can have a substantial affect on your CTR

2. Write Longer Ad Copy

The days of writing short and sweet ad copy are over. Using long ad copy in your campaigns is beneficial for two reasons:

a) It gives you a chance to properly connect with your audience, to address their pain points and to thoroughly illustrate your solution. This not only sparks more interest, but it means that those people who do click on your ad are going to be more qualified, and a higher quality lead

b) It tells the Facebook algorithm exactly who your target consumer is, so that it can go out and find the people who are most likely to engage with your message, and ultimately convert to become customers

3. Create An Incredible Offer

People generally only purchase online for one of two reasons. Either you’ve got a good reputation, or you’re offering them something incredible.

Most businesses haven’t had the time to build up their reputation, so they need to rely on offering something so incredible it’s a no-brainer for their audience.

Encorporate discounts, package deals or bonuses with your promoted services to entice your audience to click on your ad to learn more, and ultimatley convert to become a customer

The CTRs of our client’s campaigns

facebook ads ctr

The average CTR (Link Click-Through Rate) of Facebook campaigns across all industries is 0.90%

Any CTR over 1% is considered good

Our client’s campaign shown on the left was running at an average CTR of 2.58%, well exceeding marketing standards.

CTR (All) was also well above average at 6.61%, indicating that our campaign resonated extremely well with the target audience and was highly engaging.

These stats help us drive down the cost per click of our client’s campaign and allows us to get more conversions out of the same marketing budget


CTR (Link Click-Through Rate): The amount of people who click through to your landing page out of 100

CTR (All): The amount of people who click anywhere on your ad, including read more, like, comment, share, click to watch video, and click through to landing page, out of 100

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