What Is SEO?

What is SEO?why seo is so important

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of impacting the online visibility of a website or webpage in search engine’s search results which are unpaid or called as  ‘organic’, ‘natural’ or earned results. Generally, it is the characteristic of people to click on the links or web pages that comes first in the search results and website owners try to manipulate their websites, using SEO techniques, in such a way that the search engine algorithm finds their websites and they go to the top of the search engine results.

How SEO works

Whenever a user searches for something, some word or a term on any of the search engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing or any other search engine, the results that the person is presented with is a list of relevant websites pertaining to the query in an order.

For example, when you search for ‘cookie recipe’  the search results that come on the top are those which adopts the best SEO practices in the eyes of those search engines. It is a repeatable and measurable process, which is used to send signals to search engines to show that your pages are worth coming up in the search results index. Basically, SEO techniques work based on how search engines work.  Most of the search engines advanced computer programs, called crawlers or spiders, collect information from individual websites in the World Wide Web. Then it indexes each of those webpages according to the important sections of the webpage and terms that shows up more often.

What are search engines looking for?what are search engines looking for

The search engines are looking for keywords related to the term that is getting searched.  If you have related keywords in your webpage, your page will be indexed in the search result. Following are some of the things search engines look for  

  • Title tag – A relevant title is needed for your page
  • Headings – The search engines view headings with emphasis and more weight is given to the words within them
  • Bold – Words that are bold also gets extra emphasis
  • Alt text – Using short descriptive sentences with your photos gets the attention of search engines
  • Key term placement – placement of  key terms matters with those higher up on a page being more important
  • Key term proximity – Closely related terms also show up in searches
  • Page structure validation – well constructed, quality content is how to get pages ranked
  • Traffic – Search engines keep track of the number of people visiting the site


The contents should be logically organized to make it good for SEO and also for the visitors to feel encouraged to come back to the site. New content in the site should be promoted through other social media networks and through link building to get extra visibility.


Your SEO keywords are the important terms and phrases in your web page content that make your webpage visible for people through the use of search engines. A well optimized website will have the right keywords that a potential visitor will base their search on.  Keywords alone will not get the attention of the search engines.  They are not the only factor of importance to search engines.  Just because the site has a lot of keywords does not mean it will come to the top of the index.  SEO starts with selecting the right keywords which can be done by Google’s Keyword planner. When you want your website to be ranked on the top of the search, you also need to have synonym words or LSI words in the site to get better visibility.


To get other sites to link to your page is a tricky business.  If your site is attractive enough,  other sites want to link to your site, the job is half done.  Another possible way is to offer exchange links where you provide links to their site in exchange for them giving links to your site.  You do not want to exchange links with every  site because  many search engines do look for the relevance of the links to and from your site to see if it is connected in any way to the content of your site.  You get higher SEO score, the more relevant those links are. It is possible to get backlinks by getting featured in big news sites as well. Getting linked from prestigious sites definitely adds to be benefit.